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Hi Everyone
Back on the blog to cover a topic about one of our favourite treatments at The Beauty Suite

As Hd Brow Stylists, we are frequently asked how long are we trained? What does Hd Brows involve?
What are Hd Brows? and lots more about this bespoke brow treatment.

Our Hd Brows Journey.....
Our Hd brows journey began back in 2012, I was ready to introduce a new treatment to the salon so I was constantly googling new beauty treatments. Hd Brows was constantly popping up on my search results, I hadn't heard of this treatment before, but the pictures online were so eye catching I wanted to research it more. I phoned the main school in  London and a very nice guy explained in more detail what it involved. Training was quiet expensive so I was a little reluctant at first if this was really as good as it seemed!! With some ifs and buts, I went ahead and booked my training with The Beauty School that March and have NEVER looked back! I just booked myself on the training as I didn't know how clients would respond to this new treatment or how busy we'd be with hd brows, as a lot of people would never have heard of this new treatment. Training offered more than I expected, the training was amazing, the trainers were amazing and I learnt so much. I was so excited to return to the salon and start transforming brows and was super excited to be one of the first salons in the west to introduce this bespoke brow treatment. Clients went crazy for this new brow treatment and Grainne headed off to the The Beauty School that June to train as a Hd Brows stylist as I couldn't manage doing everyone on my own! Since our training we have returned to the Beauty School for our refresher training to increase our skills further. I have also completed Pro Stylist training recently and Grainne is looking forward to her Pro Stylist training soon. Hd Brows has brought lots of well known faces to our salon for this celebrity must have treatment, including models, magazine editors and bloggers.

Our Hd Brows loyalty card is another incentive we have introduced as a Thank You to everyone for choosing us as your Hd Brow Stylists

What are Hd Brows?....What does it involve?
Using a multi-step procedure including a variety of depilation techniques, HD Brows skills can be used to create the ultimate in High Definition Brows. HD Brows are suitable for anyone.  HD Brows are not a new concept, but they do create a totally new definition in eyebrow shaping. Loved by celebrities and clients alike, it is becoming an increasingly recognised brand and a look that everyone wants. More and more people want perfectly shaped and well-defined brows like the celebrities they see on TV and in the media.  Due to the celebrity associations and powerful branding associated with HD Brows, people are asking for the service by the HD Brows brand name. When they say they want HD Brows, they are asking for a specific look. This is why HD Brows are so much more than a treatment.


Hope you enjoyed this blog post on one of our favourite treatments. There is so much to talk about when it comes to Hd Brows but tonight I just wanted to cover our journey so far. I will be back again with more on the brows and of course not forgetting all the beautiful Hd Brow Products.

Good Night Guys
Anna X

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Hi all, I'm back with some skincare tips and to deliver a basic routine for you to follow. We all love our makeup routine but its equally important to make sure you've created the best canvas for it to look its best:) Skincare is a huge factor in how your finished makeup looks.
We all want clear, perfect skin, a clear canvas to apply your makeup without any lumps and bumps, or simply just to feel confident to leave the house without your make-up on!! Sometimes it can be confusing to know what to do to achieve Clear skin. My guide today will outline a basic routine and some of my favourite products to use.
I'm going to cover oily/spot prone skin as I've had a lot of clients in the past few weeks suffering with oily blemished skin conditions. Enjoy

Oily skin is easy to identify. Oily skin has large pores that are more noticeable and usually more prone to blemishes. Combination skin gets a taste of every skin type. If you have combination skin you can tend to be oily on the T-Zone and dry/sensitive the cheeks.

Start your routine NOW AND STICK TO IT!!
Step 1.
First wash your hands so you won't be transferring bacteria to your face. Apply your cleanser and massage it into your skin in an upwards, circular motion. Some products work best if you leave them for a minute or so to allow it to dissolve dirt and makeup, and to let it get deep into your pores. Continue to gently rub your cleanser in during this time. Remove your cleanser using a sponge or face cloth with warm water, making sure you have removed all traces of your cleanser effectively. Finish off by rinsing your skin with cold water to close pores and prevent dirt getting back into them.
Some of my favourite results driven products I tend to recommend to my clients are dr murad. I see fast results for my clients and they always come back for more

dr murad oily/acne range

Step 2.
Toner is used to restore your skins natural PH levels, which was probably altered during your cleansing routine. There are lots of different toners out there, some simply restore your skins PH Levels, others kill bacteria, or leave a spot fighting ingredient on your skin. Apply a small amount onto cotton pads and simply wipe over your face but be careful to avoid the sensitive eye area and do not rinse off!

dr murad clarifying toner

Step 3.
This step cannot be avoided, even if you have an oily skin type. There are loads of moisturisers to choose from, such as gels(best for oily/spot prone skin) creams(best for dry/sensitive skin) lotions/serum(best for normal/oily skin). When the toner is dried, apply a small blob of moisturiser, gently massage in a circular motion into face and neck. Apply more if your skin still feels tight after application. If you apply too much you can blot it off with some tissue or cotton pads.

Your eyecream is a very important step which is also included in step 3, remember prevention is better than cure. Gels are usually the option for younger skins and creams are the best option for any lines and wrinkles. Apply your eyecream before you apply your moisturiser around the eye contour. And reap the rewards

Step 4.
2-3 times per week you should exfoliate. Make sure its not too harsh. There are a lot of exfoliators on the market at the moment that are quiet rough so be careful, make sure the grains in your exfoliator are not too harsh. The grains in your exfoliator should be shaped and filed so they don't drag or tear your skin. Your exfoliator will remove dead skin cells that can leave your skin dull with clogged up pores. Make sure you get into the creases by your nose which can often get clogged up and develop blackheads.


Step 5.
With face masks you have loads of options. They really do make such a difference to your skin, so make time for this pamper session
Once a week is ideal and some mature skin types will apply a mask more often. Apply your facial mask according to instructions on the packet. Apply it to warm skin for best results and rinse off with cool water. Don't leave it on longer than suggested(usually 15 mins) unless stated.

Best facial treatment..........
My favourite facial treatment at the moment is still the CACI Skincare Treatment. I LOVE having it and I Love treating clients with CACI. Results are seen straight away and when I apply makeup afterwards it like I've just been air brushed!!! RESULT!!! Check out SO SUE ME for a great review when she had this treatment with me.....


Hope you've picked up some skincare tips and Stick to your routine! Your skin needs to get used of routine, and to the products your using. Sometimes negative effects appear at first, but will usually go after your skin has time to adjust.

Good Night Peeps
Anna X
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